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Other 2-22-08

Post  Michael<3 on Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:30 am

Yeah great day I guess playing with my friends in the snow...chillixing in the freezing cold with my awesomely warm coat. Then we have a snowball fight yea ok so you think it's just your old throwing them at your legs and back right......until BAM right in the eye my friend Danny Threw a snowball right in the eye I tell you. I hurt like a freakin guy getting a waxing. Right when he hit me I starting crying not because I got hit but because when my mom was 9 years old she got an ice ball thrown at her eye and in the middle of the night her eye was out i know ewwwww but I thought my eye was gonna come out but it didn't YAY thank god right!I had a great rest of the say got my fave itlain food and I watched the Power Puff Girls yeahh you can say I better than you.. :peace:

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