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Rules of the Contest Forum.

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Sticky Rules of the Contest Forum.

Post  FunnyBoy on Sat Feb 16, 2008 9:19 pm

Welcome to the contest forum. Hopefully, this forum can be a fun and creative forum.


-Try not to create a contest with no prize. It can be a prize from CP/Membership, or it can be a simple sig that you will make for the winner.

-The contest can be Non CP related, but try to at least make it CP related.

-Do not spam in a forum

-Contest Ideas can include: Scavenger Hunts, GFX Contests, ETC!

If you would like to have a prize as a rank for someone, then contact FunnyBoy, or any other administrator, and if its not a problem, they will change it.


Rules of the Contest Forum. Musicccqs6

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