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Dragon Cave Guide!

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Sticky Dragon Cave Guide!

Post  Waddle50008 on Fri Feb 15, 2008 10:56 pm

Dragon Cave Guide! Wmnna

--->.::The Dragon Cave Guide::.<---
Welcome to the Dragon Cave Guide. Here I will explain all possible aspects & tips on Adopting & Caring for a dragon/egg.

1. Starting out.

So, you would like to become the parent of a dragon, do you? Well the
first thing to know is where the babies come from and th.. Just
kidding! You can adopt and egg every hour on the hour here: http://dragcave.ath.cx (You must be registered & logged in to be able to get an egg)

Now, keep in mind that you must move swiftly to aquire on of these
amazing creatures; if you are not the first person to click a certain
egg, you will not obtain it. So, I would suggest for a beginner to just
click every egg in sight, and then when you are more advanced in this
game to wait for the rarer eggs (see rare eggs section) to come along,
this takes great patience.

Once you get an egg,
it will give three things: An HTML Code, a BBcode, and a BBcode for the
tinyurl (shortened) link. The tinyurl does not work 100% of the time,
so I would suggest that (if) you wish to use that shorter link, you use
the image link given in the normal BBcode.

2. Making your egg know to all

Great, so now you have an egg, but that annoying, recurring though
keeps coming to your mind; How will I get this egg to hatch? Well, it's
very simple. You can put your egg's code in your signature, and wait
for people to click it. But, its not the number of clicks that counts;
it's the overall view count(See the Raising section).

You must know that your egg must get the neccesary number of overall
views to hatch within a seven day time period, or it will perish.

3. Hatchlings

So, how's that egg doing? Oh, it's finally hatched, has it? Well, the
same goes for hatchlings as said above for eggs in section 2; it only
has a limited time period to mature into its adult form, or it will

3.2 Sick Hatchlings

Hatchlings can become sick for one reason: a soft shell in its egg
stage. This can be cause by refreshing the page too many times before
closing it, you may be trying to do this to raise the overall view
count. Note that the tip I will give you on raising your
dragon or egg's overall view count should not have the same effect.

4. The Raising Trick (the Raising section)
Here I'll teach you how to raise the overall view count for your dragon/egg in a safe way (easiest to do in firefox):

Step 1. Open a page with the picture of your egg/dragon hotlinked to your egg/dragon's page.

Step 2. Click on your egg/dragon (while holding Ctrl) twice.

Step 2.2 You should now have three tabs open, the first one being the page mentioned in step 1.

Step 3. Close the first tab, but copy the url of it first. Now you
should have two tabs open, each showing the page of your egg/dragon.

Step 4. Paste in the first tab's web address bar the link you copied by
clicking in the web address bar and pressing Ctrl V.

Step 5. Press enter

Step 6. Click on your egg/dragon while holding Ctrl. You should now be
in the same situation as in Step 2.2. Repeat from there, untill you

have reached the desired amout of overall views
5. The eggs
Here is a list of the eggs you can get (will be updated with more later):

Gold: Dragon Cave Guide! 2cpb71f
Paper: Dragon Cave Guide! 2hnvrqr
Grey: Dragon Cave Guide! 972xjn
Mintgreen: Dragon Cave Guide! 2qsrzpz
Orange:Dragon Cave Guide! Dx1ybs
Red:Dragon Cave Guide! Ruzi9k
Silver:Dragon Cave Guide! Rwjjep
Christmas:Dragon Cave Guide! 2j4prbq
White:Dragon Cave Guide! 15jdoj

6. The Dragons
Here is a list of the dragons (will be updated later):
Paper Adult:Dragon Cave Guide! 2ljhvzb
Orange Adult:Dragon Cave Guide! Jpbxqx
Black Adult:Dragon Cave Guide! 2583uad
Pink Adult:Dragon Cave Guide! F3ckdv
Stone Adult:Dragon Cave Guide! Xenchu
Dark Green Adult: Dragon Cave Guide! 1zfil8h
Adult Gold Dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! 30mo1l5
Adult Silver dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! 157jfv4
Adult 1-head green dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! 107p2x2
Adult Grey zombie dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! 2ebc0mo
Adult Green Yoshi: Dragon Cave Guide! 34zfvhi

Adult Christmas Dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! Jkdaow
Adult 2-Head Green Dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! 243rk7q
Adult Red Dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! 2emivyc
Silky Grey Dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! Sgsg94
Adult Mintgreen Dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! 2aipl4p
Adult Scorpion Black Dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! Izasgh
Adult Green Zombie Dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! 2iu9r3t
Adult Blue Dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! Fz45k6
Chicken: Dragon Cave Guide! Fdd2xy
Adult Purple Dragon: Dragon Cave Guide! 2jdkf1f

7. Rare eggs
rare eggs can include the Silver, Gold, Paper, Two colored, &
Christmas egg. These, however, may not be all of the rare eggs.

Want to say 'thanks' for making this awsome guide? Just click all of my dragons once! Click here!

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